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Unleash Creativity with 1-Year Access to Adobe Illustrator CS6 Online Course Beginner and Advanced +online exam+certification with TeacherBird.com

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    Includes online exam and certification

?      Master the art of creating stunning images on Adobe software

?      You will get familiar with the efficient ways to perform common editing tasks, including noise reduction, shadow and highlight detail recovery, retouching, and combining multiple images Complete the courses at your convenience for a year

?      12 months unlimited access to the online training material allows self-paced learning from the comfort of your own home

?      Project based learning approach for accelerated learning and practice

?      Practice files provided

?      Monitor your progress on a user-friendly interface

?      Instructions for both Mac and Windows system

?      Accessible on any device

?      Software not needed for completion of training course

?      Create your own professional portfolio using the latest design technology

?      Accessible on any device

?      Simply click on  each product’s thumbnail at the Products page for courses detail such as table of contents, free videos ,etc


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Adobe Illustrator CS6 Essential Outline

Chapter 1. Adobe Illustrator & difference between Pixel and Vector

Is adobe illustrator is for you
What is the difference between Pixel and Vector?

Chapter 2. Adobe Illustrator CS6 workspace
Create a new document
Adobe Illustrator Cs6 preferences
Getting familiar with new Workspace
Adding & Managing Multiple Art boards

Chapter 3. Adobe Illustrator CS6 Tools Box
Working with Selection Tools
Working with Shape and Basic Drawing Tools
The Drawing Tools
Working with Eraser, scissor, knife tools
Scaling and Transforming
Working with shape builder tool

Chapter 4. Appearance Attributes & Graphic Styles
Appearance Attributes & Graphic Styles Part 1
Appearance Attributes & Graphic Styles Part 2
Graphic Styles

Chapter 5. Understanding the Colors
Introduction to color
Working with color-panel Part 1
Working with color-panel Part 2
Working with Spot Colors

Chapter 6. Working with Color Swatches
Introduction to Color Swatches
Introduction to Swatches Options
Swatches Color Types
Creating, Selecting, & Saving Swatches
Process & Global Colors

Chapter 7. Creating, Editing, & Applying Gradients
Getting familiar With Gradients
More get into Gradients

Chapter 8. Vectoring an Image
Importing & Placing Photos
Introduction to Vectoring
Part 1 - Vectoring the Hair using the pencil tool
Part 2 - Vectoring the Face with the Pen Tool
Part 3 - Vectoring the Dress using Shapes
Part 4 - Vectoring the facial features with the brush tool
Part 5 - Vectoring the hands, legs, & stand with various drawing tools
Part 6 - Creating & custom creating stars

Chapter 9. Typography & Working with Text
Understanding Type Anatomy
The Type Tools
Type Panel Fundamentals
Saving Character & Paragraph Styles
Introduction to Font Formats
The Open Type Panel
Glyphs & Tabs Panel
Creating Outlines for Text
Applying Masks to Text

Chapter 10. Saving, Printing & Exporting
Saving your Illustrator file
Exporting your File
Printing your work

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Advanced Outline

Chapter 1. Working with Gradient Mesh
Working with Gradient Mesh part 1
Working with Gradient Mesh part 2
Working with Gradient Mesh part 3

Chapter 2. Coloring techniques and brushes
Introduction to coloring
Coloring with fills
The Different Drawing Modes
The Bristle Brush
The Bristle Brush part 2 & Coloring Conclusion

Chapter 3. Image tracing a sketch & coloring in illustrator CS6
Discovering the Image Trace Panel
Image Tracing a Sketch
Expanding the Traced Sketch
Exploring the Live Paint Bucket Tool
Coloring With the Live Paint Bucket tool
Working with the Live Paint Bucket
Conclusion Working with the Live paint Bucket
The Recolor Artwork Option

Chapter 4. Cropping a Photo by Masking & Image Tracing
Cropping a Photo by Masking
Image Tracing a Real Photo

Chapter 5. Creating and Editing Symbols & Patterns
Intro to Symbols
Creating, Using, & Editing Symbols
The Symbol Tools
Advanced Symbol Options
Patterns & Pattern Options
Creating Patterns

Chapter 6. 3D dimensions and perspective Grid
The Perspective Grid Tool
Blend tool & 3D type
3D dimensions
In depth 3D

Chapter 7. Logos with the Pathfinder & Shape Builder
Paths & Strokes
Shape Modes & Pathfinder
Logos with the Pathfinder & Shape Builder
Illustrator advance Outro

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