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1-Year Microsoft Excel 2013 Online Course +online exam+certification Beginner and Advance

Distance Learning by  TeacherBird
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  • Microsoft Excel 2013 Beginner: create charts, learn data entry, build organised workbooks, explore special formatting, and more.
  • Microsoft Excel 2013  Intermediate: using formulas in depth, working with data table charts, creating pivot tables, looking at logical functions, optimizing your data, using data linking, presenting and reporting, filtering data in your worksheet and protection techniques.
  • Includes online exam and certification
  • Become proficient in Microsoft Excel 2013
  • Fun, interactive courses that can be customized to suit your needs
  • A great way to enhance your employability and/or improve skills in your career field
  • Complete the courses at your convenience for 1- year
  • 12 months unlimited access to the online training material allows self-paced learning from the comfort of your own home
  • Project based learning approach for accelerated learning and practice
  • Practice files provided
  • Monitor your progress on a user-friendly interface
  • Accessible on any device
  • Software not needed for completion of training course
  • Free upgrade on purchased course
  • Simply click on each product’s thumbnail at the Products page for courses detail such as table of contents, free videos, etc.

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Excel Beginner

Chapter 1: New features in Excel 2013
New Excel Templates
New Flash Fill
New Pivot Table, Timeline, Slicer and etc
New Quick Analysis

Chapter 2: Start Working with Worksheets and basic functions
Creating a Blank Workbook
Ribbon Tabs and Display Options
How to cut and paste
How to copy and paste
Quick Access Toolbar

Chapter 3: Basic and essential Tools
Spell Checker
Find and Replace
Hiding and unhiding Columns and rows
Conditional formatting
Go to function
Useful Functions and their Shortcut keys
Undo and redo

Chapter 4: Working with Rows and Columns
Sorting Items
Filtering Items
Inserting and Deleting Rows and Columns
Adding comments to cell
Compare two workbook side by side

Chapter 5: Auto Entering Data and Simple Formula
Using Auto Fill
Entering Data and Formatting Data
Auto SUM
Simple Formulas

Chapter 6: Creating Charts and formatting them
Creating Charts and Formatting Them
New Recommend Charts

Chapter 7: New SkyDrive and Sharing Features
New Sky Drive Sharing files
New Sharing Work on Social Networks

Chapter 8. Saving and Help
Saving work
Excel Help

Chapter 9. Learn from Complete sample exercise.
Complete Project, Calendar
Complete Project, House Budget Part 1
Complete Project, House Budget Part 2
Complete Project, Sales Receipt

Excel Intermediate

Chapter 1. Getting to know more about Formulas
How to Create Random Numbers in Excel
How to Round your Values in Excel
Data Summary in Status Bar
How to exit a cell without saving the changes
How to Calculate Running Totals
Looking at Whole Units and Remainders
Working with Conditional Maths
Monitoring the Value of a Cell
How to add Comments to your Formula
Doing an Audit on our Formulas
Using VLOOKUP to get Not Exact Match
Using VLOOKUP to get Same Match
Utilizing HLOOKUP

Chapter 2 . Data Linking
Linking to other Spreadsheets and keepig the links Updated

Chapter 3 . More about Charts
Working With An Embedded Chart
Printing An Embedded Chart
Creating A Chart Sheet
Build and Use a Chart Template
Create a Sparkline
Adding A Text Box To A Chart
Drawing Shapes In A Chart

Chapter 4 . The What if Analysis
How to use Scenario
Viewing and removing Scenario’s
Checking Summary of changes
A look at Editing And Deleting Scenario's
Using Goal Seek
Creating a One-Variable Table
Creating a Two-Variable Data Table

Chapter 5 . Keeping your Work Secure Locally and Shared
Locking and unlocking cells
How to protect the data in your workbook
Giving your workbook a password for added protection
A look at how to Share your workbook
Merge Workbooks

Chapter 6 . Looking at Pivot Tables
How to Creating a Pivot Table
Changing how our Pivot Tables looks
Getting extra calculations from your pivot table
Refreshing and Formatting a PivotTable

Chapter 7 . Presenting and Reporting
Adding Formating to your cells
How to custom Number Formats
Working with Conditional Formats with Built in Rules
Working with Conditional Formats with Custom Rules
Building Pie Charts

Chapter 8 . Optimizing Data
Naming Ranges
A look at Excel Tables
How to recording Macros

Chapter 9 . Date and Time Functions

Chapter 10. Filtering Data
Applying And Using A Filter
Multiple Value Filters
Using Wildcards

Chapter 11 . Logical Functions
Using IF To Display Text
Using IF To Calculate Values
Using AND
Using NOT
Using OR

Chapter 12. Formating, Validating and Updating
Data Validating
Adding Cell Style
Creating Drop-Down Lists
Data date Validation
Circling Invalid Data

Chapter 13 . Learn from complete sample exercise (Projects)
Household Budget
Fiscal QTR

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